Connect, Laugh, Love

The last month two months has been an amazing experience for me. I started a Facebook group to connect with likeminded people, and it has been great to see there are other people that enjoy a lifestyle that I do... a nomadic life, a simple life.

I would like to thank everyone that joined, responded to event invites and posted in the online forum. I feel that the website and Wix platform is superior to Facebook for event coordination and communication. However, with this platform comes extra responsibilities, and it has become more work that I am willing to do.

I am NOT abandoning our group.

I am taking a step back from my original focus of coordinating an ongoing caravan. In the months ahead, I will create events on Facebook where we can all connect, laugh and love. However, I enjoy my alone time... my quiet time... my spontaneous life that I can change on a whim. So... these event posting will come from me when I need a social fix.

Each member of the Rainbow Nomads Facebook Group has the ability to create an event. I encourage each of you to do what I have done. Wherever your travels take you... and you feel the need to connect... create an event on OUR Facebook group. If I'm in your neck of the woods (or desert), I will be there.

The Rainbow Nomads Facebook Group can continue to be a place where we share. The group can allow us a space to create close connections and intimate bonds with other LGBTQ+ folks. will be our page... our home on the web. You can still create a profile there and chat with others. You can buy a sticker or magnet there. I will also post to the blog from time to time. The caravan section will redirect to Facebook soon. The forum be discontinued later this month.

I value each of the connections I have made and hope to keep in touch with each of you. I also look forward to creating more friendships in the months ahead.

, Kevin


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