Facebook... Necessary Evil?

Almost all of us use it. It’s what brought us together in the desert for our first gathering in Quartzsite. It has the power to unite. It’s the all great and powerful Facebook.

Still… I believe Facebook is evil. Necessary? Yes (for now at least)... but still evil.

I could write about how Facebook influenced our 2016 presidential election. I could tell you about the unfair advertising practices allowed on the platform. We could discuss how the social media giant has led to ongoing feuds between family and friends. I could show you how to download all of the information that the Zuckerberg-led behemoth has on you. We could debate on how the big “F” really makes us less social. We could share stories on all of the useless shit we have bought after seeing the ads that seem to know what we are looking to buy.

Instead, I want to introduce and recommend a new platform. The good ole’, tried and true world wide web. No endless scrolling… no annoying ads… no big brother tracking.

Become a member of “Our Family” on this site, It is free. No ads.

The site is a work in progress. However, it already includes some cool features that will benefit us.

  1. We are in control. We post what we want to see. The Facebook algorithm doesn’t get to dictate what it wants us to see.

  2. Access to a forum. If you are not familiar with forums, they are a way to have discussions online. The discussion are organized by topic. The forum can be searched. No need to scroll for days to find what you’re looking for.

  3. Better caravan and meetup pages. We can include more information of each event page, including clearer directions arrival dates for each person.

  4. Group Pages and Messaging! You can create a secure custom page that says whatever you want to say with pics showing what you want (no nudies, please). You will be able to directly message any other member of the Family. See something you like, feel free to message any member of our Family. Missed connection? Find them in Our Family. Only members of Our Family have access to member pages and chat.

Yes… I know that new stuff can sometimes be scary, but it can also be fucking beautiful. Hell… we’re nomads. We make our own rules. So, sign up to become a member of Our Family. Let’s make something beautiful.


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