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Rainbow Nomads Sticker

$4.00 (includes shipping)

Each thick, durable sticker measures 5.19" x 2.4.

Rainbow Nomads Magnet

$5.00 (includes shipping)

Magnet measures 5.19" x 2.4" Perfect for your car or fridge.

Rainbow Nomads Sticker and Magnet 

$8.00 (includes shipping)

Set includes one magnet and one sticker.

Each measures 5.19" x 2.4".

Rainbow Nomads Sticker and Magnet (3-Pack)

Includes Three Bonus 2" Round Stickers

$22.00 (includes shipping)

Set includes three magnets and three stickers.

Each measures 5.19" x 2.4".

Bonus! Three 2" round stickers included with set.

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